After various interests and experiments I approach the visual poetry used as a dilated experience, intrigue, provocation; I create through poems and concepts, perhaps silence. Love for the word becomes revolt; sometimes anger a great ethics of the negative. But poetry is poetry, and the remedy for its malaise is to write. Here is my charm, that smoky quality of the soul, capable of welding the opposites; confuse and disorientate, because our mind is not a trivial matter, knowing it is a luxury. But maybe I write simply because I like it.

I write poetry, but no one reads poetry, so my work is born as a provocation: inserting words (mine) on images: a seductive, captivating, intriguing scenery: the eye is captured, forced to the approach, and there pushed to read, to trustworthiness, to discursive readiness, or simply to the aesthetic taste that still conceals the ideal concept. In the sentimental economy, language is a threat, it is just a repetition of slogans, codes…

I want to risk, say and repeat the unspoken and the denied, all that I am capable of, I am seized by this ethic of Nothingness, dodging nothing, I use the spoken word and I transform it into visual, in pure aesthetics. Words redeemed for what they want to say become an instrument. They say…they say, and it is likely that I write because I like to do it.

Bice Garzoni

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design corno 01


È un portafortuna,
con il sole
e con la luna.
Sulla terra,
in mare aperto
e nel mezzo
di un deserto.
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